Remarkable Labs is a Ruby on Rails development shop

We're based out of Toronto, Ontario. Our focus is to build well crafted web applications. We specialize in test-driven development, growing teams through training, and finding solutions for our clients.


  • Web development

    Web Development

    We are passionate about building businesses. Have an idea you want to launch? We will help plan and develop your application tailored to your goals.
  • Ramping up

    Ramping Up

    Sometimes you already have a team in place and need some extra help to get to the finish line. We can provide the extra development skills you need until you find your next full-time hire.
  • Growing


    We provide mentorship and training to companies looking to take their developers to the next level.
  • Rescue


    Have a project in need of saving? We can step into an existing project and try to bring it back to life.